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Jeans Sandblasting Machine
Jeans Pressure Sandblasting Machine
SK 1600BK Jeans Sandblasting Machine is formed from three units; Blasting filter, Pressure system and Sandblasting cabinet. It is especially designed for avoiding unhealty sandblasting of jeans and textiles products. SK 1600 BK is a pressure type sandblasting machine and suitable for general purpose sandblasting processes of textiles. It is a self-cleaning eco-friendly machine with Jet Pulse filter system and two operators can work mutually. Sandblasting pressure and abrasive quantity can be adjusted. *High Blasting Power with Pressure System *Two Operators Can Work Mutually *High Processing Capacity *Compact Design and Original Working Principle *JET-PULSE Filter System *Adjustable Fan Suction Power *PLC Control 7 " Touch Screen *High Working Safety *Sand and Dust Cyclone Separation Feature. SK 1600BK Jeans Sandblasting Machine is designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the textile sector. It does not remove any dust when working with its special production filter. The switches placed on the covers, selonoid valves and special production panel provide high security operation.
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