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Havacılıkta Sulu Kumlama


Due to the need for cleaning and processing wire and cable products in large quantities, Saykar identifies solutions that provide faster, more homogeneous surface and great environmental benefits and shares its experiences.

Wet Blasting Machine
Wet Blasting - Wire Cable

Saykar Wet Blasting System uses a completely harmless and safe mixture of water, abrasive and air to be used in industrial environments. The fact that it does not take up much area, is in compliance with environmental legislation and provides many advantages make Saykar Wet Sandblasting Machines attractive to use.

Interest in our machines for surface treatment solutions is increasing as it is seen that using Saykar Wet Blasting System, which is designed properly for wire and cable surface treatment applications. This is advantageous for manufacturers. It is much more advantageous and safe for you to clean your wire and cable products and for surface finishing according to chemical pickling or dry sandblasting.

Wet blasting process is versatile and has been applied to a wide variety of surfaces in different industries around the world. Typically, product manufacturers that require a high value, very precise and consistent surface finish benefit from the use of the Saykar wet sandblasting system. Examples of successful processes include: electric cables, band saws, tool steel, comb wire, aluminum and copper raw materials.

Realization of the diversity of products on which Saykar Wet Blasting System is applied has led us to develop a collaborative approach with you to better understand your needs. Cooperating with you; Our designer, researcher and process development team have developed and continue to develop many successful projects and new wet sandblasting machines.